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Dear friends this is an OPEN LETTER to Shri Girishbhai in Today’s announcement of giving Dharma Dhwaja and declaring him UNILATERALLY keeping in DARK 99.99% Jains. Please use your influence to thwart this and also forward this message to all JAINS if you protest this unilateral decision…


As a member of Jain Sangh, I strictly protest of your UNILATERAL decision to send Singer Mr. Chatterjee as a representative of WHOLE JAINS in World Relegious Meet.

You have taken this unilateral decision by keeping whole Jain Sangh including Most Vadil Guru Bhagvant and Almost all Agevans in DARK.

So Please don’t give our SHASHAN DHAJA today and let our Sangh, All Gitarth Senior Guru Bhagvant, and Agevans decide whom to send as representative.

Few questions (Sorry forGujarati)…

-Sadhu Samuday ni meeting ma kumar ji ne pratinidhitva apva no muddo pass thayo hato?

-Sangh Agevano ni sarva sammati lidhi?

-Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi ni bhumika ama shu chhe?

-Sangh ma koi jain shravak ne kem pratinidhitva na apayu?

Also declare today in consort that KUMAR is going for ONLY for singing on his own, And NOT as Jains REPRESENTATIVE . He will NOT lecture on jain philosophy.
Article prompted by you in today’s Mid-Day leave no doubt on your speak & deed which clearly says the hidden agenda of todays event in Shanmukhanand Hall, Matunga.


Your rhetoric is no secret to all.

You will hv to ready to face strongest protest if u fail to deliver dues.
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