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Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan seated in a lotus posture located in a shrine bear the main Bazaar of Ahore city, that is on the shores of River Sukhdi.


It is believed that the history of this place commenced 700 years ago. During the fiery battle between the ruler of Jalore Songara Chouhan Kanahaddev and Ala-ud-din in Vikram years 1365-68, the soldiers of this place showed great bravery and won the battle. This goes to say that even before Vikram year 1365, this place was inexistence and inhabitated too. e carried out in Vikram year 2006, the idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan was ceremonially installed and consecrated at the hands of Acharya Sri Vijaynendrasurishvarji which idol is at present a the Presiding Deity of the temple.

The city of Ahore was considered to be one of the prosperous and most illustrious city of Marwar. It was also considered to be the most powerful capital in the kingdoms of the whole of Marwar.

In the development and up liftment of this place, there was a lot of support from the Jain householder families. The affluent jain families here, would have definitely constructed a few temples.

The temple of Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan is considered to be the most ancient one among the temples existing here at present. It is believed that the temple was built in Vikram year 1444, but perhaps, during that time one temple was renovated and then ceremonially sanctified. The last renovation was done in Vikram year 1997.

The pure and energetic vibration emanating here at the ancient temple of Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan blesses people visiting the shrine and reminds of the history and antiquity of the place.

The Gaudi Parshvanath Bhagwan Bavan (52) Jinalaya temple which was installed with lot of miracles is well known for its massiveness and miraculous incidents. This is the prime significance of this place. It is said that on Magh Sukla dasami in Vikram year 1936, the Gaudi Parshvanath temple with the magnificent idol of Sri Parshvaprabhu was sanctified ceremonially at the hands of Kalihal Kalpatarau Acharya Srimad Vijai Rajendra-surishvarji. Exactly after one month on the night Chaitra Krishna Ekadasi there was a voice from the heaven that “ Sri Gaudi Parshvanath is very happy” Panch Tirth Bavan Jinalaya is to be constructed. Rajendrasuri will perform Anjanshalaka. The shrine consecrated will be at Marudhar. Despite that day belonging to the darker half of the month the place was looking illuminated because of some peculiar glow. People all over there woke up and listened to the music of Dhudubi (an instrument)from sky saw foot prints of kumkum all four sides and saw showering of five types of flowers. Sevaks and whoever witnessed this went to the Nagar and explainded everything elaborately. The total society had agreed with this Divine voice bowing their heads in prayers and decided to start the work as indicated in an auspicious day. Accordingly they started the work and after 19 years on completion of the Bavan Jinalaya, the Anjanshalakha of 951 Jinbimb (idols) and the consecration of Bavan Jinalaya was done on Thursday, falgun Sukla Krishnva Panchami in Vikram year 1955 at the hands of P.P. Acharya Bhagwant Srimad Vijai Rajendrasuriji.

The temple is very massive, awesome and miraculous. It is said that the idol of Sri Gaudi Parshvaprabhu is one among the three idols that were sanctified ceremonially by Sri Hemchandracharya during the time of King Kumarpal, which proved to be very effective, charming and miraculous. It is also said that in ancient times this idol was at Chandravati Nagari. Even at present, miraculous and unbelievable incidents happen here.

Every year the dhvaja ceremony of Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan takes place on Jeth Sukla 6 and that of Sri Gaudi Parshvanath Bhagwan on Falgun Vvadi 5 where a fair is organized in a grand manner.

Apart from being a massive temple, Gaudi Parshvanath Bhagwan’s temple is also artistic. At each and every place one can see different kind of art. There are three “Bamatis” and a double SiIkhar in this temple and is rarely seen anywhere else. Besides this there are 8 more temples and 3 Dadawadis, Gurumandir, in the village.


The nearby railway station of Jalore is 18 Kms from here. Jodhpur is at a distance of 120 Kms Falna at 55 Kms from this place. Cars and buses can go upto the temple .


For lodging there is a well equipped dharamshala near the bus stand and a yatri Bhavan too. There is a Jain Bhojanshala in the close proximity.


Shri Shanthinath Bhagwan Jain Swetamber Mandir,
P.O. Ahore – 307 029
Dist : Jalore , Rajasthan
Sri Gaudi Parshvanath Bhagwan Jain Swetamber Mandir Pedhi
P.O. Ahore – 307 029
Tel : 02978 – 22409 (Temple)
02978 – 22411 (Pedhi).