18557_Sri Aagara Tirth

Presiding Deity and Location :

Shri Chintamani Parshvanath Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture in a shrine located at Roshan Mohalla of the city of Agra on the banks of river Yamuna (Shve)


This city has an ancient history. In some stone inscriptions it is referred to as Ugrasenpur, Argalpur etc., During the period of Puranas, it is referred to even Agravan. During the period 206 BC to 166 BC., it is said that this city was under the authority of Emperor Ashok but in spite of all this, no relics of the old times are at present available. In the course of the years it is possible that this area may have undergone big geological changes due to earth quakes and other allied calamities.

In 15th centuries, Bahalol Lodi attempted to found once again a city on this ruined area and his son Sikander Lodi made this a capital city of Bharat. Since then the shape and form of the area has changed considerably.

During the reign of king Akbar, Acharya Sri Vijaiheersurishvarji in Vikram year 1639 set his feet here and at that time at the hands of this Acharya so many Jain temples ere built and ceremonially sanctified as said in Tirthmalas. Also, this heavenly idol of Chintamani Parshvanath Bhagwan (sculpted out of rare and precious stone called “Yasab”) was installed and consecrated in an extra-ordinary large festival in Vikram year 1639 by this most revered world teacher Acharya Sri Hirvijaysurishvarji through the influence and instrumentation of the state revered personality of great affluence Sri Mansinhji. Just nearby in the “Chowk” in the middle of the hall, the miracle – working majestic was recovered from one local Muslim mosque has been installed ceremonially at the hands of Sri Swetambaracharya.

Once Emperor Akbar after hearing about the erudition of Jain Acharya Sri Hirvijaysurishvarji from one lady householder of great repute and austerities named Shri Champa felt a keen desire to meet this Acharya. He immediately sent an invitation to the latter through his subedar-in-charge of Ahemdabad requesting him to visit the city of Fatehpur Sikri. At that time Acharya Sri was an Gandhar. Believing that here was a possibility for the happening of several actions in glorification of Jain religion, Acharya Sri after obtaining permission from “Sangh” started with his disciples to walk to the distance of Fatehpur SIkri and when he came to Agra due to pressure from the Emperor in the month of Jeth in Vikram year 1639 he lived in the “Upashraya” of this very temple. It is believed that the Emperor used to come to visit the Acharya here. On being impressed by the discourses of Acharya Sri on the principles of Jainism, the Emperor issued several proclamations and orders to stop violence to life etc., which are even available today. It was here that Acharya Sri was decorated with the honoric title of “Jagatguru” (World teacher) with great respect on the Royal court. The great and invaluable cpersonal collection of books of Emperor Akbar which was given as a present to Acharya Sri here, can still be seen today in this “Upashraya” (The unique deeds done by Acharya Sri towards the glorification of Jain religion here will be remembered for centuries.

The most respectful Jain personalities of great affluence in the Royal Court of Emperor Akbar such as Sri Manshinhi, Sanghvi Chandrapal, Sri Hiranand, Sri Thansinh, Sri Durjanshaya etc., got built several Jain temples here of which the ceremonies of sanctification and consecration were performed at the hands of Acharya Sri Vijayhirsurishvarji. Even the ministers of Jehengir viz Kunvarpal and Son pal built here a large temple of Bhagwan Sri Shreyanshnath, sanctification ceremonies of which were performed by this Acharya of Anchalgachchh. Indeed many remarkable deeds were done by him as found in the inscription of Vikram year 1671, which still exists today in the Upashraya. Even Jehangir, son of Emperor Akbar and Shah Jahan his grandson had accepted disciples of this Acharya as religious preceptors in their Royal Courts.

In this city, the main temple described above, there are twelve other. Shvetamber temples and several Digamber temples. Outside the city, there is a Dadawadi which is very large and his called Sri Hirvijaysurishvarji’s Dadawadi.


From Agra-Fort railway station, this temple is 1Km away and at the station taxis and autos are available. Cars and buses can ply right up to the temple doors.


For lodging there are Swetamber and Digamber dharamshalas in the city where water, electricity etc., are provided. Lodging facilities along with a bhojanshala is available in the Hirvijaysurishvarji Dadawadi in town. Cars can be parked inside.

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